Making a difference: September 2016 highlights

October 24, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees


Employees across UMHS continue to make a difference through their hard work and dedication. Recognizing the contributions employees make to UMHS helps our team to become more motivated, drives better teamwork, and gives each individual a sense that they are an integral part of achieving our organizational goals.

You may not always realize the impact you make during each customer interaction (both internal and external), but it’s a vital part of the relationship-building process that the UMHS team uses to engage with patients and each other. Here are a few examples of team members who made a difference last month:

Staff to Staff

Christina Wiseley, Patient Service Associate – Dermatology

Tina is extremely helpful and always goes above and beyond in resolving issues with patient accounts. She is very friendly, professional and prompt, always ensuring that correcting patient accounts is a priority. Her contributions have helped the cosmetic/credit team in PCS develop an efficient relationship with the dermatology clinic.The turnaround time on the Juvederm accounts spreadsheet we sent her is impressive! We really appreciate her hard work. Tina rocks!

David Frame, Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy Services

David’s impact on our bone marrow transplant program and our patient care is beyond description. He is committed not just to the pharmacy needs of our patients, but to their general well-being. The patients/families and medical staff have incredible trust in him. His jovial demeanor, wealth of knowledge, collegiality and commitment to patient care are incredible. It is individuals like David who bring that special touch to our unit, making this an amazing place for patients and coworkers. He is simply the best!

Family Member to Staff

Pamela Van Buren, Occupational Therapist – PM&R – Med Rhab (BW#4)

Thank you for listening patiently and respectfully to our elderly dad. You helped him feel in charge of a decision that he was being forced to make (giving up driving sooner than he wanted to do it) with grace and dignity. You listened and responded to familial concerns expressed in advance promptly and with clarity. You made no promises, but gave great assurance of how the process might unfold and what our options were. We are so grateful for the Drive-ability program and so appreciative of your personal efforts to keep the roads safe while helping a 92-year-old man maintain his dignity and autonomy. My dad went away feeling like he had made a new friend, even if the news and decision were nearly heartbreaking to him. Thank you!

Ryan Wagenshutz, RN – Nursing, 12E

My husband and I brought our son to the ER at just 12 days old when he was experiencing a high fever and eventually admitted to 12E. Ryan was assigned to be our son’s nurse and what a blessing he turned out to be. Being a parent to a sick child is extremely scary and oftentimes you feel very alone. Ryan couldn’t have been more helpful not only to my son, but to me and my husband. The level of kindness and attentiveness that he demonstrated over the course of the time we spent together was off the charts. He comforted my son and was right there during all of his exams with the doctors. During one of the most worrisome moments of my life, Ryan offered support and kindness in the most genuine way. I will forever be thankful for how he cared for my son and can’t think of anyone more worthy of this Making a Difference award!