Help tackle everyday bias in our community

October 11, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,


Last week, U-M President Mark Schlissel announced the organization’s increased focus on diversity, equity and inclusion and how the university will work to instill these important concepts into every action it takes.

As the president said, “to live up to our full potential as a university, everyone must have the opportunity to contribute and to benefit, and our community can be complete only when all members feel welcome.”

The university’s plans will be implemented, measured and refined in the coming months and years, but that doesn’t mean we should wait to get started. There are a number of events open to UMHS employees scheduled throughout October aimed at celebrating our community’s diversity.

In addition, UMHS is proud to introduce a new training workshop, “Everyday Bias for Health Professions.” Developed by Cook-Ross, a world-renowned consulting firm considered to be a thought leader in diversity, these in-person, interactive sessions will explore how everyday biases often influence behavior and decision-making.

Everyday biases are not inherently “good” or “bad,” but they are assumptions people make without thinking about it — and they influence how someone inherently feels about a person or group.

By better understanding everyday bias, our employees can work toward creating a more accepting and diverse environment.

At the Cook-Ross workshops, you will learn to:

  • Better understand why and how often you experience everyday bias;
  • Increase awareness of your own background and how that unique background influences your perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors;
  • Identify how your thinking influences critical decisions; and
  • Learn new strategies for understanding other people’s perspectives so you can build more positive relationships in your professional and personal life.

Don’t miss this important opportunity to learn more about bias. Register online for any of the workshops by clicking on the links below.

UMHS will continue to host two sessions per month. As future dates are scheduled, check the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion website for times and locations.