Notice: Hyatt Legal Plans’ FraudScout messages are legitimate

September 27, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Some UMHS employees have reported concerns about emails received from the IDT911 Resolution Center Support Team concerning Hyatt Legal Plan FraudScout Activation. Although these emails may appear suspicious because of the unfamiliar sender and other characteristics of phishing emails, they are legitimate.

Why would I get one of these emails?

The emails are sent to U-M employees who have signed up for the Legal Services Plan benefit available through U-M Human Resources. The Legal Services Plan, which is administered by Hyatt Legal Services, includes an optional credit monitoring service called FraudScout, which is administered by IDT911. IDT911 contacts those who have signed up for the Legal Services Plan to offer them the service. Human Resources provides information about this at Covered Legal Services.

What do the emails look like?

Human Resources has posted a sample copy of the most recent version of the FraudScout email.

What should I do?

If you signed up for the Legal Services Plan through the university and want the additional optional credit monitoring service, it should be safe for you to go ahead and register for it. When you go to the registration page, check your web browser's address/URL bar to be sure the address is

If you have questions about:

  • The credit monitoring service or the registration process, call the phone number provided by IDT911 in the email, 1-800-406-7194.
  • Your U-M benefits, contact the U-M Shared Services Center.

Thank you to those who expressed caution and concern about these emails. You were right to be careful and wonder if they were phishing messages. To learn more about phishing, see the university's information about Phishing and Suspicious Email.