MCIT and MSIS unify, become ‘Health Information Technology & Services’

September 14, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News,


Today, more than 700 U-M IT professionals gathered to hear UMHS Chief Information Officer Andrew Rosenberg, M.D., announce the launch of Health Information Technology & Services — a new organization designed to leverage the best aspects of two accomplished information technology and services groups: Medical Center Information Technology and Medical School Information Services.

Health Information Technology & Services (H.I.T.S.) is designed to be a comprehensive, flexible information technology and services organization capable of supporting current and emerging needs across the health system -– while remaining committed to providing effective and efficient support for patients and their families, physicians, researchers, educators, students and staff.

While these activities are being organized under a new name, the positive aspects of the MSIS and MCIT approach to customer-focused service delivery will remain. For example, H.I.T.S. will:

  • Remain a “one-stop” resource for accessing help and information related to information technology, services and support.
  • Maintain existing support channels, including the ability to contact current people and teams.
  • Provide the same high level of reliable and secure services that MCIT and MSIS have historically provided.
  • Continue providing innovative, high-quality support for patient care, research, biomedical education and other key health system priorities. essay writing service reviews
  • Expand customer-focused support such as “Help Me Now” walk-in services, improve service desk expertise and offer more “self-help” resources.

In April, U-M Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, Health System CEO, and Medical School Dean Marschall Runge, M.D., Ph.D., appointed Dr. Rosenberg as CIO for the health system. In doing so, he charged him with unifying MCIT and MSIS to create a new organization prepared to support a closer alignment of the health system’s patient care, research, and biomedical education missions — as outlined in Dr. Runge’s “Path Forward.”

Since then, Dr. Rosenberg and others have actively engaged with health system leaders, faculty members, U-M campus colleagues and IT professionals to envision, develop and launch the new organization. An important step was streamlining its top-level administrative structure by combining multiple focus areas into a handful of new cross-mission divisions — each led by one of seven new senior directors.

As H.I.T.S. takes shape, its leaders are focusing on a number of initiatives to improve quality, effectiveness, efficiency and service. This includes bolstering systems related to project intake, demand management and more transparent systems of work. H.I.T.S. leaders say they will provide regular updates regarding the progress of these efforts.

Overall, H.I.T.S. leaders say their primary goal is improving the ability of the organization to be a partner in progress by providing innovative, high-quality services and support and by proactively working with faculty members and others to help identify opportunities and develop innovative solutions.

Many staff and faculty are excited about this unification. Paresh Patel, M.D., Ph.D., clinical associate professor in the department of psychiatry and faculty director of MiChart research, said he is pleased with the transition and added that he and many of his colleagues are looking forward to benefiting from the unification of the two legacy IT groups.

“Many of our top priorities, for example developing mobile and wearable medical devices, or precision medicine initiatives,” said Dr. Patel, “depend on our ability to deliver the ‘right information, at the right time, to the right person, in the right format.’ It seems increasingly clear that having a unified information technology and services team is essential for these projects to be successful.”

Dr. Rosenberg and Associate CIO Ted Hanss (who will be leading efforts to identify new opportunities at UMHS and throughout U-M) said they are very pleased with the progress that has been made in building the new organization -– but even more excited by the potential it provides to empower the success of customers and colleagues.

“While we were working together to develop this new organization,” said Dr. Rosenberg, “our H.I.T.S leadership team agreed on a mission that focused on ‘discovering, implementing, and supporting secure, mission-critical health information technology and services,’ and I look forward to Health Information Technology & Services being a leader in that regard for many years to come.”

For more information about the MCIT/MSIS unification and the launch of Health Information Technology & Services, click here.

To receive information technology or services-related information or assistance, contact the UMHS Service Desk at 734-936-8000.