‘Dynamic’ Approach to Consumer Cost-sharing for Prescription Drugs

September 19, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Access to prescription drugs is a hot-button health care issue.

Committing to policies that encourage lower cost, while ensuring access to clinically appropriate therapies, necessitates a “dynamic” approach to consumer cost-sharing. college essay writing service

“Reward the Good Soldier” is a novel benefit design that lowers consumer cost-sharing for those who diligently follow the required steps to manage their condition but require additional treatment. Supported by the National Pharmaceutical Council, the latest U-M V-BID Center brief, “A ‘Dynamic’ Approach to Consumer Cost-Sharing for Prescription Drugs,” highlights that individuals with clinical conditions often need multiple therapies to achieve desired patient-centered outcomes.

For more information on the ‘Reward the Good Soldier’ design, view the V-BID Center Specialty Pharmaceuticals webpage.

Website: http://vbidcenter.org/a-dynamic-approach-to-consumer-cost-sharing-for-prescription-drugs/