Workshop: Sleep Optimization for Busy Medical Faculty

August 12, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

This session will present the role of sleep and fatigue in cognitive and physical performance. Facilitators will delineate the sleep and circadian "thieves" that impair our daily functioning and discuss easily implemented behaviors to enhance sleep, energy and performance.

Jonathan Barkham, MD, clinical instructor of internal medicine and neurology
Cathy Goldstein, MD, assistant professor of neurology

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Understand the impact that fatigue and sleepiness have on performance and burn-out.
  • Describe the purpose of sleep and circadian control of sleep timing and other biological rhythms.
  • Discuss adequate sleep durations and determine your individual sleep need to optimize your energy levels.
  • Outline the repercussions of circadian disruption and how to ensure alignment of your internal clock with your required schedule.
  • Provide sleep "hacks" to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep for optimal alertness.

When: Friday, Nov. 11

Time: 8 a.m.- 10 a.m. (Breakfast will be provided)

Where: BSRB Seminar Rooms

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This workshop is hosted by the Office of Faculty Development, and is open to faculty only. Questions? Contact Jordan Wright at