Summer Games provide Olympic-sized motivation

August 3, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Over the next 18 days, many of you will be glued to your televisions or tablets watching the world’s greatest athletes compete for the highest honors in their sport.

While more than 10,500 participants in Rio de Janeiro go for gold, all of us can take inspiration and strive to become more active and healthy in our daily lives.

Fortunately, MHealthy can help when it comes to meeting your fitness goals. The university’s health and well-being program offers a variety of resources to keep you moving toward a more active lifestyle.

“Moving, even for a short period of time, can give you a burst of energy, clear your mind and improve your mood,” said Colleen Greene, MHealthy senior wellness coordinator. “Most of us spend the majority of our day stationary, working in one position. But our bodies are built to move.

“So even if it’s just stretching, standing, taking a short walk every hour to get the blood circulating or joining a weekly exercise class, MHealthy has something for you.”

Services for UMHS employees include:

  • Personal-training: Health and fitness specialists will meet with employees to create the ideal program for their goals and lifestyles. Tailored programs include strength training, aerobic exercises and other individualized needs.
  • Fitness and wellness centers: Three facilities on the Ann Arbor campus give employees the chance to work out on top-flight cardio and weight equipment in a highly-supportive atmosphere.
  • Exercise and relaxation classes: Employees can register for a number of exercise classes led by certified instructors. The sessions are a fantastic way for UMHS employees to get moving, get fit and relieve stress.
  • Active U Autumn: This fall, employees can challenge themselves to get active by participating in MHealthy’s eight-week physical activity program and setting a weekly exercise goal. Employees can join or create a team with their colleagues for extra motivation and fun competition.

For more information on all of MHealthy’s offerings, check out the program’s website.

Remember, when you see the world’s greatest runners, gymnasts, rowers and swimmers in Rio, take it as inspiration to get moving and improve the fitness habits in your life!