New fall Pilates classes begin Sept. 12

August 23, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources


Registration is now open for fall Pilates classes in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Pilates is a highly effective way to shape up, slim down and feel great. It’s a contemporary approach to the mind-body exercise that German athlete Joseph Pilates developed in the 1920s. An emphasis on movement quality, posture and breathing makes Pilates a safe, challenging and revitalizing workout.

Our highly-qualified instructors make an effort to accommodate those with physical limitations through modifications of the movements while maintaining an effective and safe workout. We offer mat Pilates classes as well as private lessons.

A private lesson is required for all beginners. To register, call 734-232-1196. The facility is located at 325 East Eisenhower, immediately west of Art Van Furniture.