MiChart upgrade eLearning tools now available

August 29, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

As UMHS closes in on an upgrade to the MiChart electronic health record system, it is important that users are aware of the changes coming in October.

The UMHS clinical leadership and MiChart staff have developed a tailored eLearning training course, “MiChart Upgrade Certification October 2016” (MC-UV20003L), for MiChart users in preparation for the Oct. 8 upgrade go-live. It is essential that you complete this training prior to the go-live.

Why users need the training:

Knowledge of MiChart functionality affects patient care, patient safety, the efficiency of work and the work of colleagues, along with the financial performance of the health system. As you may know from prior upgrades, the new and improved functionality that becomes available with each upgrade has significant potential to make daily work more efficient and often safer in a variety of ways.

What users need to do:

Starting today, Aug. 29, all MiChart users will be assigned the “MiChart Upgrade Certification October 2016” in their Learning Plan in MLearning. This certification contains the MiChart Upgrade eLearning they will need to complete.

MiChart Upgrade Certification October 2016

Once in the MiChart Upgrade eLearning, users will need to complete the “All Users” module (shown in green below), and then take the applicable role-based module (shown in red below).

MiChart Upgrade eLearning Page.fw

Metrics of Success:

Training engagement will be measured through reports generated from the eLearning system. These reports will be sent to departmental leaders to accurately represent each user’s training effort and assist in identifying users that still need to complete the training.

An MLearning tip sheet is available to assist users in completing training courses. Please note that this tip sheet is generic and does not specifically refer to the MiChart Upgrade Certification October 2016 eLearning, but is intended to assist in completing any MLearning course.

For any questions or additional support, please contact the Service Desk at 734-936-8000.