Merge iConnect Access to replace WebPACS radiology image viewer

August 11, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News

Doctors Reviewing Test Results

On Saturday, Aug. 13 at 7 a.m., the web-based radiology image viewer for MiChart, also known as WebPACS, will be replaced by the Merge iConnect Access (Merge iCA) viewer. Merge iCA is a web-based viewer that was necessary to implement in order for the upcoming MiChart Go-Live scheduled for Oct. 8.

Improvements introduced by Merge iCA include:

  • The support of modern browsers.
  • Improved access to older ultrasound studies.
  • The ability for users to launch directly into a study without having to choose from the entire list of patient studies.
  • Merge iCA’s initial sizing for approximately 18 months of studies while the old viewer held a maximum of two and a half months. Approximately three months of studies will be pre-loaded on Aug. 13.

There are a few functionality changes and known issues, which MCIT teams are working diligently to address. Please see the Merge iConnect Access tip sheet to see the issues, impacts and current solutions.

Training resources are available both in video format and hard-copy documentation. The Merge iCA video bundle can be found on the MiChart website, located under the Training Videos and Playlists page. Users can also access the videos by searching for “iConnect” on the LearnMiChart website. Hard-copy training documentation can be found by searching for “iConnect” on the Training Resources for Providers page or Ambulatory Care Tip Sheets page of the MiChart website.

For any questions, please call the service desk at 734-936-8000, Option 2.