Coming soon: New look for OWA login page

August 31, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The rollout of Microsoft Office 2016 to UMHS CoreImage devices will begin just after Labor Day and continue through Sept. 16. In preparation for the upgrade of the Outlook application, there will be some enhancements to Outlook Web Access or “OWA.” As a result, there will be a new look to OWA effective Thursday, Sept. 1. Here’s what you need to know:

The change is only a new look to the landing or login page. Email will display in exactly the same manner as it does currently when accessed within a web browser.

Here are before and after Sept. 1 images of the login page of OWA:


The current look for OWA.

The new look of OWA as of Sept. 1.

The new look of OWA as of Sept. 1.











Later this fall, UMHS will be upgrading its email system to a newer version with updated hardware. The health system will also be migrating the email contents of all users’ mailboxes.

The process will be a rolling migration and every user will be notified in advance when his or her mailbox is scheduled to move to the new environment. The upgrade will begin on or around Oct. 24 for all of UMHS and continue to the end of the year. After this migration, there will be some additional changes and improved features for Outlook Web Access.

In the meantime, it is recommended that users begin now to clean up email accounts and delete any old messages that are no longer needed. This cleanup will help make the migration a smooth transition. Deleted emails will not be migrated and messages that are deleted will disappear after five days.

Visit this web page for more information on the new features of Office 2016 including these pages which display a number of new common features in the Office applications and in Outlook in particular.