August healthy eating tip: It’s all about fiber

August 1, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources


Most Americans are eating only about half as much fiber as they need. Fiber is found naturally in whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes. Research shows that consuming an adequate amount of fiber offers several health benefits, such as:

  • Lowering cholesterol and decreasing risk of developing cardiovascular disease;
  • Decreasing mortality risk from circulatory, digestive, and inflammatory diseases;
  • Reducing risk of developing some forms of cancer;
  • Improving insulin sensitivity and glycemic control;
  • Providing weight and appetite control;
  • Preventing and relieving constipation;
  • Decreasing inflammation;
  • Increasing calcium absorption and bone mineral density.

For tips on getting more fiber in your diet, sample menus, information about whole grains and strategies for increasing fiber in a child’s diet, visit this month’s display located in the University Hospital cafeteria.

Don’t forget to enter the drawing for a chance to win a delicious, fiber-filled box of dried fruits and nuts! More information about fiber and other important nutrition topics can also be found on the Healthy Eating Tip of the Month website.