New clinical organization transforms Cancer Center ACU

July 11, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News

The Cancer Center clinical transformation team.

Beginning today, the Cancer Center will implement a new clinical structure, allowing the organization to continue providing high-quality, compassionate care while responding to the changing needs and demands of our patients.

Why did we do this?

The Cancer Center has grown tremendously in the past 27 years and has outgrown the current structure. At the same time, there have been rapid changes in how cancer care is delivered.

Creating new units and working groups will allow the center to improve how it provides medical home based care and position it as a leader in new care delivery models.

What’s new?

There will be three new units within the central ACU: Maize Team, Blue Team and Gold Team, plus added Infusion as a fourth sub-ACU. Each unit will have an associate medical director, administrative manager and nursing lead. This will allow teams more ability to address issues specific to their patients’ needs and ensure focused delivery of care.

Within the teams will be disease groups that focus on best practices and advances in individual cancer types.

A pilot project with the Maize Team began March 14. Through this effort, process changes have already been implemented and there have been anecdotal improvements in patient flow.

What you need to know

Our current structure of numbered teams will be eliminated and replaced with the Maize, Blue and Gold teams. Several cancer types are included under each unit:

  • Maize: Lymphoma, myeloma, myeloproliferative, benign coagulation, symptom management, psych-oncology, genetics
  • Blue: Colorectal, pancreatic and liver (HPB), sarcoma, lung, head and neck, prostate, bladder, kidney
  • Gold: Skin, gynecologic cancers, brain, breast, adrenal, thyroid

Look for these new team names in MiChart for referrals to and from the Cancer Center.


For more information, visit the Cancer Center intranet.

You may also contact Julie Agbabian or Irene Turkewycz at 734-647-6028.