Massage therapy program gives thanks

July 20, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

After eight years of providing services to patients, faculty and staff, the UMHS Massage Therapy Program will discontinue its services effective Friday, July 22.

If you have any questions regarding where to refer patients for massage therapy in the future, please see the list of local options below. The Massage Therapy Program cannot make any recommendations as none of these businesses have any affiliation with the University of Michigan Hospital and Health Systems. The list was compiled based on the similarity of services that were provided through the UMHHS program.

Those in massage therapy want to thank you for supporting the program over the years!

Local Massage Therapy Options

  • A Massage Retreat, 734-307-4837; Owner: Beth Miazga, B.S., LMT, MLD
  • RelaxStation Massage Therapy, 734-623-1951; Owner: Eileen Bristol
  • ?Center for Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery, 734-712-2323; Owner: CPRS Group
  • LaVida Massage Ann Arbor, 734-222-1020; Owner: LaVida Massage Franchise
  • Jennifer Christian Massages, 678-302-9324; Owner: Jennifer Christian, LMT
  • Starlet Lee Massages, 313-989-3188; Owner: Starlet Lee, LMT