Disclose Outside Interests in M-Inform

July 11, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

This is a reminder to review and update your job-related outside interest disclosure in M-Inform

Managers, faculty and staff who are required to annually disclose job-related outside interests received an e-mail reminder at the beginning of July followed by periodic reminders until they have logged into M-Inform and completed their disclosure(s). If not engaged in a job-related outside interest, please note that you must still log into M-Inform to complete conflict of interest training and attest to having nothing to disclose.

The email reminder includes a link to M-Inform and instruction on how to complete your disclosure.

M-Inform Disclosure Guidance:

  • For additional conflict of interest and conflict of commitment guidance, go here.

  • Use the “decision tree” located here to assist with disclosure reporting decisions.

  • For guidance on reporting individually held stock in a biomedical company, i.e., stock that is not held in a mutual fund or retirement account, go here

  • For guidance on board membership or other leadership roles with the biomedical industry, go here.

For general questions, send an email to coi-oid-questions@med.umich.edu.

Website: https://umhsheadlines.org/2016/06/disclose-outside-interests-in-m-inform-in-july/