Final step for shared file system upgrade

June 9, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

MCIT is taking the final step to retire the old Novell file share system and implement the new Network Attached Storage or “NAS” infrastructure. This involves the removal of the Novell client so that employees can access shared drives easier and faster. There will be little impact to standard desktop workstations, but CoreImage laptops and Kiosk mode machines will see a change from the current red “N” icon to a new blue “N.”

Standard desktops:

Desktop users will continue to enter their Level-2 user name and password to log in just as they do currently. The login screen will change a little bit visually, and the words “log on to Novell Network” will disappear.

Laptops and Kiosk workstations:

Delivery of the new mechanism and icon and removal of the old client will occur over a two-week period beginning June 8 as follows:

  • June 8 to June 14 – the blue N will be pushed to ALL workstations.
  • June 15 to June 21 – the red N will be removed from ALL workstations.
  • June 26 – MCIT will remove the entire Novell login and authentication infrastructure.

Note that both the red N and blue N will coexist during the initial deployment throughout the Health System. During this time, network access can be achieved using either icon. However, once the Novell infrastructure is shut down on the back end, if the red N should still be present and is used, the user will get an error message and be required to use the blue N only.

Kiosk users will continue to use the blue N in the taskbar to enter their user name and password in order to access their home drive or network shared drives. For laptop users, the blue N will become a simple, one-step click to connect them automatically to their home and network drives, without having to enter user name and password any more. Going forward, users will only access the icon from the system tray or taskbar.


Visit the Storing & Sharing Files webpages and the Novell to NAS Migration FAQs on the Customer Service Center site (Level-2 required) for more information.

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