AirWatch App Bundle Adoption a Success

June 5, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Since its roll-out in April 2016, the AirWatch Medical App Bundle – a collection of medically-based applications which allow UMHS employees and medical students access to free clinical information on their mobile devices – has seen significant success in adoption and usage. The apps provide diagnostic resources, medication tools, calculators, access to full journal articles and evidence-based treatment recommendations, as well as free Continuing Education credits (in the UpToDate App).

Adoption of apps such as UpToDate, Micromedex, DynaMed Mobile, and Epocrates have shown sharp increases since introduction and continue to help clinical staff improve access to valuable medical information. UMHS faculty and staff not currently using the AirWatch App Bundle are encouraged to visit the M-Library UMHS AirWatch App Bundle page for more information, including registration instructions.