UMHS Added to Together Health Network

May 26, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News,

Scott Eathorne, MD, president & CEO of Together Health Network, announced yesterday that the University of Michigan Health System has joined Together Health Network as a referral provider for complex quaternary healthcare services, effective immediately.

Quaternary services are those complex inpatient and outpatient services that generally are provided only in selected settings such as UMHS. Some examples include selected transplant services, highly specialized pediatric care, and investigational cancer treatment services.

Together Health is a statewide physician-led clinical network of healthcare providers, formed in 2014 by a partnership between the Michigan ministries of Ascension and Trinity Health and thousands of physician partners.

According to Dr. Eathorne, the addition of UMHS to the network gives patients in need even greater access to comprehensive, specialized care.  “The University of Michigan has highly renowned physicians and services. This new provider agreement brings UMHS’ nationally ranked healthcare expertise to our members throughout the state where Together Health Network operates.”

The agreement allows for UMHS to provide those services generally not readily available in the communities served by the hospitals and physicians associated with Ascension and Trinity Health.

This partnership with UMHS helps Together Health to round out its clinical integration strategy to provide patients comprehensive care across the continuum. It also paves the way for further, broader clinical collaboration efforts between UMHS and Together Health.

Seventy-five percent of Michigan residents live within a 20-minute drive of a Together Health Network provider. The network includes 25 hospitals, hundreds of ambulatory centers operated by Ascension and Trinity Health, and a dozen physician organizations across the state. For a complete list, visit

According to David Spahlinger, MD, president of University of Michigan Health System, joining Together Health is beneficial in several ways. “Our healthcare providers will have access to more hospital and ambulatory partners across Michigan. This will benefit both our clinical practice and our medical training programs. This is a great benefit to our patients, to our doctors, nurses and other caregivers, and to our students.”

Together Health Network provides advanced care coordination services through competitively-priced health plan products. It offers patients and employers a combination of high quality and low cost, with an exceptional experience of care.

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