Shared File Drives Renamed on May 22

May 17, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Please be advised that on May 22, all shared file drive letters will have been consolidated and renamed as part of the second phase of the MCIT project to move shared file space from the Novell system to NAS (Network Attached Storage). The final step of phase two will be the removal of the Novell client (the red N icon) from all CoreImage workstations. Moving to NAS is part of MCIT’s strategic plan to provide more viable technology that will enable users to connect to a shared platform and access files using tablets and smartphones, including Macs and iOS devices.

All shared file drives will be renamed as either “S:” or “T:” drives and look like this:


How will this affect you?

  • The organization of your files and folders will not be changed. The only change is to the shared drive name.
  • If you have shortcuts to any folders in a shared file drive, you will need to create new shortcuts after the drives have been moved.
  • If you have links to any files on a shared drive in a document or email, these links may break. Note: Links on webpages are generally http:// links and these will remain correct.
  • The “H:” drive will remain your personal Home Directory.

As with the current view, you will only be able to see whatever folders and drives you have rights to. If you do not have access to any files or folders under “S:,” for example, then you will not see them displayed.

If you have any questions, please visit the Storing and Sharing Files website or contact