Metabolic Fitness Program: educational and clinically-supervised exercise

May 25, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Do you have obesity, high blood pressure, high fasting sugar, and high cholesterol?  You may have metabolic syndrome.  One health risk factor increases your risk for developing others; and the more risk factors you have increases your disease risk.   This syndrome can be reduced or eliminated with positive lifestyle changes.  Join the physician-referred Metabolic Fitness Program to address this syndrome. 

The goal of treatment is to reduce the risk of diseases with nutrition and exercise in the supportive environment of a structured program with peers.  We provide coaching strategies so that each individual participant can be successful in making positive changes in their lives that work for them.

Check out for more details.  Referrals can be submitted thru Michart using “REF 411: REF Metabolic Fitness.”