Endocrine Summit Invite Adds to UM-India Collaboration

May 31, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News
Dr. Gary Hammer (third from left) is shown with other participants at the 2016 Endocrine Summit in Mumbai, India

Dr. Gary Hammer (third from left) is shown with other participants at the 2016 Endocrine Summit in Mumbai, India

Five US researchers, including Dr. Gary Hammer, Millie Schembechler professor of adrenal cancer and director, endocrine oncology program at the University of Michigan, were invited to serve as guest faculty at the recent Endocrine Summit in Mumbai, India. Hosted by the Endocrine Society, the 7th Annual Summit was held April 30-May 1, 2016 and was attended by more than 250 endocrinologists from across India.

The society brought the team of US physicians to Mumbai for presentations on obesity and nutrition, adrenal cancer, thyroid, pediatrics, and reproduction. The faculty members who joined Dr. Hammer as speakers included Daniel Bessesen, MD, University of Colorado; Susan Mandel, MD, MPH, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine; Nelly Mauras, MD, Nemours Children’s Health System; and John Nestler, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University.

According to Dr. Hammer, this summit provided up-to-date, state-of-the-art, and state-of-the-science presentations to the broad and diverse audience of endocrinologists throughout India who have a diverse range of practice styles and patient care. “I learned and was reminded of the important cultural issues and differences in disease management related to drug availability and practice styles (multidisciplinary care versus private practice clinic versus academic setting),” he says, adding that he “developed collaborations and professional friendships that will continue to build bridges between endocrinologists and between the Endocrine Society and sister societies such as the Indian Endocrine Society.”

As one of the early UM-India platform faculty members, Dr. Hammer’s return to Mumbai builds on relationships established during his 2013 visit when he served as the Endocrine Society Ambassador to King Edward Hospital (KEM) and from his participation in the planning of the U-M Presidential Delegation to India in November, 2013.

Expanding collaborations between U-M and KEM are anticipated as KEM Hospital is likely to serve as the pan-Indian hub for the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Adrenal Cancer Repository and Genomic Database, which Dr. Hammer and his team lead. Learn more about the repository and about the $1.65 million gift from the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation here.

Website: http://globalreach.med.umich.edu/articles/endocrine-summit-invite-adds-um-india-collaboration