Healthy Eating Tip: Does Sugar Feed Cancer?

April 1, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News


Have you heard anything in the news about how sugar consumption is leading to higher risks of developing certain cancers? Are you unsure about what kind of foods can affect blood sugars? Do you want a handy and easy-to-understand brochure on healthy living guidelines? Then visit the nutrition display located on B1 in the Cancer Center for answers to all of the above questions! There you will find handouts, brochures, and fun, healthy recipes that are plant-based, low in sugar, and delicious! You can also submit your name for a chance to win an Oster MyBlend 20oz Personal Blender for putting those recipes to good use! Come check out the display throughout the month of April!

Please visit the Cancer Center nutrition display located on B1 for more information on the topic or visit for this healthy eating tip as well as previous nutrition topics!