Free Application Bundle Offered to UMHS through AirWatch

April 11, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The Taubman Health Sciences Library, MSIS, UMHS, and U-M Library are making a number of sponsored medical resources available to the UMHS Community. Effective April 8, 2016, a bundle of 11 free mobile applications are being offered with AirWatch, the Mobile Device Management system provided by UMHS. Currently, some residents and all medical students are benefitting from the AirWatch bundle; however, any UMHS faculty or staff member with Level-2 access are eligible to access and use the apps.

After enrolling in AirWatch, a remote access tool is automatically installed. An icon will appear with more information about the clinical applications available. Some of these apps may require a short personal registration. Remember, those who intend to use personal mobile device to access UMHS resources, are required to enroll in AirWatch.

For a complete list of available applications, and enrollment instructions, please visit the UMHS Customer Service Center Mobile Devices page .