What Purpose Does Art Serve in Medicine?

March 17, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News

Opportunities for health system professionals to develop their skills as writers, communicators, and astute interpreters of language and human emotion are still few and far between.  As we immerse ourselves in healthcare and learn to grapple with ethical dilemmas and the uncertainties behind clinical decisions, we grow increasingly aware of the fact that this profession is an art.  To become a competent health practitioner, one must be familiar with current standards of care.  However, to become great, one must learn to navigate in the grey. 

The University of Michigan Medical School is hosting "Your Doctor Writes Poetry: What Purpose Does Art Serve in Medicine?" a Humanism and Ethics Night with guest speaker Harvard physician-poet Dr. Rafael Campo. Dr. Rafael Campo will read poems and a short excerpt of prose that illustrate the deep connections between poetry and healing.  Over dinner, discussions will revolve around expressing empathy and compassion, confronting human suffering and the end of life, and understanding the tensions between the dispassionate facts of disease and the more complex and rich truths of the experience of illness.

Our guest speaker is sponsored by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation for Humanism in Medicine and co-hosted by Literati Bookstore at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA). 

For more information, please contact Trisha Paul (tkpaul@med.umich.edu).

Website: http://www.literatibookstore.com/event/site-humanism-and-ethics-night