Reminder: How to submit an item to Headlines

March 15, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Now that the new Headlines is up and running, this is a great opportunity to remind you how to submit an item for publication, as well as go over some new guidelines.

Goal of new Headlines: The goal of the new site is to provide important and timely information relevant to the majority of our employees.  In order to manage the volume of content on Headlines, we will focus on broad system-wide messages, not localized content only applicable to select audiences.

Submitted items that are not broadly relevant and newsworthy and/or items submitted incorrectly (e.g., uploading an event as a news item) will be declined.

How to submit an item:

  •  Click on “submit an item”
  • Select from one of the following options:
    • Event (e.g., grand rounds, seminars, lectures, gifts of art music sessions, etc.)
    • Vanpool
    • Accolade or milestone
    • News
  • Fill in provided fields with appropriate information

It’s that easy! One cool feature in the new site is that events and vanpool information are uploaded in real time.

NOTE: DO NOT submit items for publication via email.  You must use the “submit an item” function on the website.  Items submitted via email will not be included in the issue. 

Governance policy highlights:

  • Headlines will be more organized and stories will be categorized by:
    • UMHS News
    • Strategy & Leadership
    • Our Employees
    • Updates & Resources
    • Events
  • In an effort to keep stories relevant and readable for a broad audience, a new governance structure is in place for submitting stories and events:
    • All titles for events and stories alike are limited to 8 words
    • The body of stories are limited to 450 words
    • The body of events are limited to 150 words

Please do your part to ensure that Headlines remains a source for timely and relevant news and ensure that any items you submit are uploaded appropriately.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


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