Recognizing Excellence: The Learning Environment Task Force

March 28, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Dr. Karl Desch is recognized for excellence by members of the Learning Environment Task Force.

At the University of Michigan Medical School, we know that exceptional medicine goes beyond scientific knowledge and clinical reasoning. Faculty, residents, and staff all lead by example— through excellent teaching and outstanding patient care. The Learning Environment Task Force, a UMMS student-led organization- in conjunction with the Office of Medical Student Education and the Senior Associate Dean for Education, would like to acknowledge those who better our learning environment through their positivity and professionalism.

Medical students have begun to “Recognize Excellence” in the learning environment by submitting the names of faculty, residents and staff who have had a positive influence on their learning here at the University of Michigan.

The first “Recognition of Excellence” in the learning environment was awarded to Dr. Karl Desch. Dr. Desch was recognized by a student for “making the NICU fun. In a place that can be very challenging… I had one of the best months of medical school. This was in large part due to my team and the tone that Dr. Desch set as the leader of our team. He was a great teacher and had a very relaxed style that I appreciated.”

Other faculty, residents and staff who have been recognized for excellence in the learning environment include:

Dr. Chris Hanson, a second year Internal Medicine resident, who was recognized for excellence in professionalism and teaching.  A student wrote “Simply put, Chris created a team environment that led each of us to provide the best patient care possible.

Dr. Jourdan Triebwasser, a fellow in the OB/GYN department, was recognized for her excellent teaching and patient care. A student shared “Dr. Triebswasser was an excellent mentor and role model… I witnessed Dr. Triebswasser approach patient care with a true sense of compassion… After we exited the room, Dr. Triebswasser also took the time to answer all of my questions and teach me about the care plan for the patient.”

Tammy Deyarmond, a pediatric nurse on 12E in Mott, was recognized for her excellent work in involving students in patient care: Tammy was so friendly to each of her patients… I learned so much about the day to day life of a nurse on an in-patient pediatrics floor… she allowed me to participate in the care of an infant who needed a bath and to be fed, experiences that I rarely get to have as a first year medical student.”

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