Give from Within: Victors for Michigan

March 9, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Accolades and Milestones,

This month, a volunteer committee of faculty and staff who care deeply about the mission of the University of Michigan – and its people – will be reaching out to the entire Michigan community through the Give from Within campaign. In support of the campaign, Headlines will feature a couple of stories about colleagues at UMHS who donate to the University.

Meet Amy Anderson. Eight years ago, Amy’s 9-year-old daughter was hit in the face with a softball. The injury sent them to the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital emergency room where Amy’s daughter received a teddy bear as a source of comfort. She loved the bear, and she immediately noticed a sticker that read “Provided by the Teddy Bear Fund.” In passing, Amy mentioned how sweet the bear was and thanked the nurse, who told her that the bear was donated. Amy mentally noted how much she loved that idea and promised to give back in a similar way if ever given the chance.

Today, Amy works as a registered nurse in Mott’s operating rooms. During preparation for surgery, each child is given a teddy bear, and she enjoys watching their reactions.

“It’s neat because I can come up here, grab a teddy bear and give them something to latch onto,” Amy says.

Keeping her promise, Amy decided to support the Teddy Bear Fund through payroll deduction. She also gives to the Family Hope Fund, a fund that allows the hospital to give gas and food gift cards to families.

“It’s just a neat way to give and know that somewhere there’s a little kid out there that has a teddy bear because I donated money,” Amy says. “And I love knowing that the only thing families have to focus on is their child getting better because of the Family Hope Fund.”

Amy says one of the best parts of giving to the U-M is the ability to control where your money is going, as well as the ability to change the amount or add new donations with ease.

“If you want a little to go here and a little to go there — or a bigger gift to go somewhere else — you as an employee have that option,” Amy says. “It gives us the opportunity to know where our money is going and that it makes a big impact.”

Amy and her family plan to continue to support the Teddy Bear Fund and the Family Hope Fund.

“I give because I know that coming to this hospital can be the scariest part of a kid’s or parent’s life,” she says. “At that moment, they can worry about just getting better, and we employees can contribute to funds and programs that help that family.”

Why do other U-M faculty, staff and retirees give? In this video, a few of our colleagues share their reasons.