A dream job: Using digital technology to support healing

March 25, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News,

You’ve probably heard the warnings – things like: “Limit screen time for your children,” or “Focus on real experiences vs. screen experiences.” There are good reasons for these guidelines. But what about kids who spend long periods of time in hospital rooms, cut off from friends and peers? Can “screens” actually be a lifeline in these situations?  That’s where J.J. Bouchard comes in.

A dream job

As a Certified Child Life Specialist, Bouchard already had three years of experience at Mott under his belt. Over the years, he’d found a special knack for using digital technology to engage with patients at Mott.

“I have always had an interest in gaming and digital media, and seeing the opportunities to connect with kids using tools they are excited about really opened up my eyes to a whole new way of serving our patients,” says Bouchard.

In 2015, he officially transitioned into a new role – the Child Life team’s first Digital Media Manager. The position is funded by the Mott Golf Classic.

“I get to bring new and exciting technology to the kids. It’s my dream job.”


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