Kudos to UH’s 4C

February 18, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

When Louise Grondin became the Nurse Manager of 4C in June 2013, she noticed that they had not had a Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) in the previous 18 months.  Since then, the unit has continued the excellent performance to maintain their CLABSI-free status to this day.

The unit was recently recognized with a Safety Award from Chief Nurse Executive Marge Calarco and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeff Desmond.

Louise compliments her team for their high standards and their willingness to be early adopters of practice changes when there is evidence that such changes improve health outcomes.

Some specific best practices had to do with policy compliance.  For example, the staff identified that the nurses had been using separate secondary IV tubing for each IVPB, rather than back-priming one tubing to clear the medication and then running a different medication through the tubing.  With the separate secondary tubing, every time an IVPB was hung, one tubing had to be disconnected and the second reconnected – a potential opening for infection.

The other issue with the separate secondary IV tubing was that they hung on the IV pole and were also subject to contamination.  This practice was stopped.  The nurses now back prime the tubing allowing for a break in the IV connections.

Congratulations and thank you 4C for being leaders in healthcare and for keeping patient safety front of mind.  Great job!