Big ideas, big money: President’s Staff Innovation Award nominations now being accepted

February 2, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Announcements, Strategy & Leadership,

What’s the big idea?  Your answer to that question could land you a $2,000 grand prize (or a shared $3,000 prize for team entries) thanks to the President’s Staff Innovation Award.

The President’s Staff Innovation Award recognizes individual staff members or teams whose big ideas and “outside The Cube” thinking help make the university a better, more inclusive community.

Nominations are being accepted now through Monday, Feb. 29.  Read through for everything you need to know, including who is eligible, how to enter, and what you could win.

What kind of ideas? Organizers are looking for any ideas, big or small, that has an impact in one of the following initiative areas:



-Cost savings

-Achievement of environmental or health and well-being goals

-Enhancement of the diverse culture and inclusive climate of the university

Of course, those areas are broad, leaving lots of room for creativity.  And it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Modest ideas can be marvelous, too. (HINT: Innovations may be a process, product, method, system, program, or service).

Who can enter? The President’s Innovation Award is open to any regular staff member of the Health System, and Ann Arbor, Flint, and Dearborn Campuses.

How can I enter? Nomination forms are available online.  Also available on the site are handy tips with suggestions to give your idea some polish before you submit it.  Ideas can be submitted by individual employees or teams until the Feb. 29 deadline.  (HINT: Don’t procrastinate, because the nomination form requires detailed information and well-thought-out ideas.  Wait until the last minute at your own risk.)

What can I win? Two prizes are available – honoring one individual staff member and one team.

-Individual award: $2,000

-Team award: $3,000 (to be shared among all members of the team)

How will winners be determined? Entries will be evaluated based on originality, impact, practicality, measurability, and applicability.

Who is selecting the winners?  Nominations will be reviewed by President Schlissel in collaboration with the Voices of the Staff program management team.

What is the timeline (and when should I plan to spend my winnings?) Nominations are being accepted now through Monday, Feb. 29, which is the final day to submit forms online.  Winners are expected to be revealed at the 2016 Best Practices and Technology Conference, which takes place on Wednesday, May 11.

Learn more about the President’s Staff Innovation Award.

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