Smarter facilities at UMHS

January 7, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

How our employees help build their workspaces

A new process is giving UMHS employees a chance to test out future buildings and labs before they are built.  Through “mockup” sites and exercises, employees can test their workflow in a new space and provide feedback on the area’s construction and design.

By involving employees in the building process, we reduce the need to make structural changes to a space after it is already built. The process ultimately saves time and money, while increasing efficiency.

“We’re no longer looking at layouts on paper; we’re looking at big pieces of equipment and how the physical space feels to people who will be using it,” says Lean Coach Corrie Pennington-Block.

In this new video, Corrie leads an exercise to determine how three different Pathology labs will work better together in a new space.