MHealthy Rewards is now open, earn up to $100

January 28, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

MHealthy’s annual Rewards program encourages qualifying benefits-eligible faculty and staff to review their health and take action to maintain or improve it.

How to participate in Rewards 2016:

  1. Complete the confidential health questionnaire by April 15. Earn a $50 before-tax reward and get a personalized health report.
  2. Also complete one qualifying healthy activity by August 31 to earn an additional $50.

Qualifying activities focus on how to manage weight, stress less, quit tobacco, move more, eat smarter, and drink less alcohol, and include:

  • Active U 2016 – registration still open!
  • MHealthy mental and emotional well-being programs
  • Weight Watchers®
  • MHealthy’s Ready to Lose weight loss program
  • MHealthy nutrition consults
  • MHealthy exercise and relaxation classes
  • Alcohol management programs
  • NEW – MHealthy personal training
  • NEW – MHealthy Learn to Live Tobacco Free Program
  • NEW – StayWell® online self-directed coaching
  • NEW – Your Choice Program – lets you set your own health goal!

To get started on the health questionnaire and learn more about qualifying activities, go to