Practice mindful drinking this holiday season

November 6, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The holidays are a time for celebrating, enjoying time with family and friends, and maybe having a cocktail or two.

If you’d like to become more mindful of your drinking choices during this time of year, sign up to receive weekly emails from the MHealthy Alcohol Management Program (AMP). Every week, from Thanksgiving through the New Year, receive a “Holiday Drinking – Stop and Swap” email that includes:

  • Tips to help you cut down or maybe take a break from alcohol
  • Tools and resources to help you reflect on your alcohol use
  • Non-alcoholic recipe of the week
  • Weekly swap challenge encouraging you to trade an unhealthy behavior with a healthy one

Sign up to receive “Holiday Drinking – Stop and Swap” emails.

The AMP also offers brief, confidential health education and one-on-one counseling for anyone who wants help with cutting back on drinking or quitting altogether.