It’s Corporate Compliance Week! Today’s Subject – Encrypting Outbound Email

November 3, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Remember – if you’re sending an email containing PHI or other sensitive information outside of the UMHS Outlook/Exchange system (the “” environment”), that email must be encrypted. This is true even if you’re sending the email to a “” address.

Earlier this year, UMHS enabled an email encryption tool. You should type [SECURE] (including the brackets) in the subject line of outbound emails containing PHI or sensitive data. This will trigger the tool to encrypt the message. The recipient will receive an email with a “securedoc.html” attachment; the attachment will include instructions for the recipient to open and read the encrypted message.

Learn more about outbound email encryption on MCIT’s Outlook-Email page.

Read this earlier Health System Headlines article to learn more about how the email encryption tool works and about other options for securing, sharing and transmitting PHI and sensitive data.