Annual Fire Marshal inspection continues this week

November 30, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Announcements, Strategy & Leadership

The fire marshal is scheduled to inspect University Hospital on Tuesday and C&W on Wednesday.

Common behavior violations include:

  • Propping open doors with wedges or other means
  • Tapping over door latches so they can be opened by just pushing them
  • Storage of equipment and supplies in corridors and stairways
  • Storage of supplies in approved storage rooms above the 18 inch line from the ceiling
  • Blocking access to the fire extinguisher cabinets and pull stations
  • Not knowing your response to a Code F  (RACE & PASS)

If you encounter doors that do not fully close and latch, please report them to the Facility Services Call Center at 6-5054.

Thank you for your commitment to maintaining the Life Safety code.