Janus Safety Lab Grand Opening today

October 21, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Announcements, Updates & Resources

You are invited to attend the Grand Opening of the Janus Safety Lab at NCRC:

 Wednesday, Oct. 21
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
NCRC, Building 25, Room 126

The Janus Safety Lab is a demonstration lab whose purpose is to educate and raise safety awareness of those visiting the space.

The lab has two separate entrances and is divided into two halves: the good/right/correct side vs. the bad/wrong/incorrect side. A yellow line down the center of the lab provides a visible separation of the two halves and banners on each side display which side is “good” and “bad”.

A variety of safety and health topics are represented in the lab including biological safety, chemical storage and labeling, electrical safety, fire safety, compressed gas use and handling, personal protective equipment and hazardous waste management. Each right/wrong item is identified with a code and the codes are displayed on wall banners within the lab.

A retrospective survey of 14 months of lab inspection data revealed that 28 items (of 471 possible items) accounted for 58% of all items noted by the inspectors. We have ensured that these items are reflected in the Janus lab.

Questions or comments: Janus-Safety-Lab@umich.edu

Website: http://ncrc.umich.edu/facility-services/health-safety/janus-safety-lab