Internet Explorer 11 coming soon to CoreImage Workstations

September 24, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Announcements, Updates & Resources,

Many have been waiting for Internet Explorer (IE) 8 to be upgraded to the latest version of the browser, IE 11. Because many clinical applications used at UMHS did not work with the newer IE version, IE 8 has remained in place as the UMHS standard browser on CoreImage workstations.

Now that the IE 8-based clinical applications have seen technical advances or upgrades, most can function well with IE 11, and it is possible for MCIT to deploy this version to UMHS CoreImage workstations in the coming weeks. With the latest version of Internet Explorer, we will continue to receive the security updates and technical support needed.

The enterprise version of IE 11 offers a number of benefits including enhanced security, faster webpage rendering, and more fluid navigation. Users will note that menu options at the top of the browser are placed a little differently. For example, with IE 8, the search field is at the far right; with IE 11, it is at the far left. Visit the Browser FAQs page for a visual comparison. There will be no other impact, and no change to your Internet Favorites.

More details on when IE 11 will be deployed to UMHS will be announced in UMHS Headlines soon.