Upgrade starts today on Kiosk workstations

August 6, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Announcements, Updates & Resources,

On Monday, Aug. 10, your Kiosk workstations will look a little different. LaunchPad will be upgraded to include a more secure Single Sign On solution as well as a refreshed look. This change will not affect your workflow, including tap-n-go or the functionality of MiChart.

There will be several changes to how the LaunchPad looks that will occur with this upgrade.

In Kiosk Mode (i.e. shared workstations within a clinical area):

New version

The login screen will be changed: Log in using the keyboard or by using the badge reader to tap in/tap out.
















Launchpad will remain at the top of the display screen.

The single sign on (SSO) of the Launchpad will change for Kiosk modes.

  • The drop-down menu in the white User field will no longer offer “previous login” as an option. Clicking in the white User field will not affect your current session.
  • Choose the Lock icon to log out or change user (the login screen will appear).

Current version:
















Standard Mode (all other MCIT-managed workstations):

  • If you currently see the LaunchPad at the top of your workstation, it will be removed from the display screen.
  • Workstation Lock and Workstation LogOff shortcuts will be added to the desktop.

1-Choose the Lock icon to log out or change user (the login screen will then appear).

-Choose the Workstation LogOff to log off the workstation.


Once the updated version of LaunchPad has been installed on your workstation, please contact the Service Desk (734-936-8000) with any questions or concerns.