Slow down this summer with safer alcohol consumption

June 29, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Announcements

Now that warmer days are here, there are plenty of opportunities for picnics, barbeques and other summer celebrations. Sometimes, this includes enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two. This summer, take some time to check-in with your relationship with alcohol. The MHealthy Alcohol Management program provides a number of tips and resources to raise your awareness about drinking.

  • Test your summer alcohol I.Q. – Take the Summer Alcohol I.Q. Challenge at and find out what you may be pouring. It only takes a few minutes to complete the five-questions. After the challenge, U-M faculty or staff can enter a drawing for a chance to win one of five $10 Amazon gift cards.
  • Track your alcohol use in July – Throughout the month of July, take a closer look by keeping track of all alcohol. A tracking diary will help you record when you drink, why you drink, and with whom you drink. Tracking is a critical part of the behavior change process; it allows you to be your own “expert” and understand your individual drinking patterns and habits.
  • Enjoy a mocktail – Who needs a cocktail when you can have a mocktail? A number of delicious, refreshing and low-calorie, non-alcoholic recipes are available. Add these to your menu and you’re likely to drink less alcohol, or maybe none at all.
  • Talk to an expert – Learn healthier drinking habits in MHealthy’s one-on-one Alcohol Management Program (AMP) for people with mild to moderate alcohol problems. This brief, confidential health education program helps you change your drinking habits. It’s your choice whether to cut back or quit drinking altogether. Choose between in-person or by phone program. Contact 734-998-2017 or learn more at
  • Get tips on keeping your drinking at a safer, lower risk range, as well as tips to help make abstaining from alcohol easier.

All tips and resources on safe summer drinking are available at