One U-M patient’s journey to motherhood

June 26, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

From disappointment to the family she always dreamed of. Kristine who wasn’t sure whether she’d ever be able to have her own children before fertility treatment at U-M.

Posted by Kristine Bowdell

Every year, the commercials begin again. Moms in pajamas waking up to flowers, presents and breakfast in bed from their little ones. Mother’s Day – a recognition of the special relationship between mothers and children and a reminder of the one thing I wanted most for so long and wasn’t sure I’d ever have.

I never imagined not being a mom. Everything in my life stemmed from my love for children.

It’s why I worked as a basketball camp counselor as a teenager, why I became an elementary school teacher, and why my husband Martin and I bought a house by our families in a community where we imagined raising our kids someday. When our doctor told us children might not be in our future, it was a shattering blow to so many of our dreams.

But in 2010, we turned to the University of Michigan Center for Reproductive Medicine at Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital for help and this is where our journey begins.

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