May programs celebrate National Mental Health Month

May 11, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Like your physical health, your emotional well-being is an essential part of your overall wellness, and requires ongoing attention and care.  According to Mental Health America, “Emotional well-being gives you the power to manage your emotions, to flourish while coping with daily stressors, to focus your energy on important personal priorities, to connect deeply with others, and more fully enjoy your life.”

To raise awareness of the importance of caring for this important aspect of our health, May has been designated as National Mental Health Month.

During May, as well as routinely throughout the year, the MHealthy Mental and Emotional Health program invites you to take an Emotional Wellness Check-up and take action to improve your well-being. The MHealthy Thrive! stress management program, the Faculty & Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) and the UMHS Employee Assistance Program (UMHS EAP) together offer U-M faculty and staff a wide variety of online and in-person programs at no charge.

Take an Emotional Wellness Check-Up

Like an annual physical wellness check-up, an Emotional Wellness Check-Up gives you a snapshot of your current well-being. It’s also an opportunity to make small changes now that can improve health and reduce the risk of illness in the long run. Self-help and in-person check-up options available to university employees include:

  • SELF-HELP: The interactive mental health continuum on the MHealthy Mental and Emotional website invites you to reflect on how you are feeling, and offers several self-help options you can explore. Whether you are struggling, surviving or thriving, there are small steps you can take to feel more energized, connected and resilient. Just hover over the tree that best describes today’s mood to see a list of online options.

“The Emotional Wellness Check-Up asks, ‘How are you feeling today?’ because at different points in time, we will find ourselves at different states of emotional health,” says John R. Sonnega, Ph.D., stress management program manager for MHealthy. “Right now, some of us are struggling, some of us are doing okay but really just surviving, and some of us are thriving. No matter where you are on this continuum, we want you to know that there is always room to grow, and that we are here to help.”

  • IN-PERSON:  Make an appointment for an in-person emotional wellness check-up. Confidential short-term counseling is always available to university faculty, staff and their families at no charge, and can play an important role in your routine preventive health care:
    • Health System employees: Contact the UMHS Employee Assistance Program (UMHS EAP) at (734) 763-5409 or or visit the UMHS EAP website.
    • Ann Arbor and Flint campus employees: Contact U-M Faculty & Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) at (734) 936-8660 or or visit the FASAP website.
    • Dearborn campus employees, call (313) 593-5430.

Free Mental and Emotional Health Classes

A wide variety of free classes are available throughout the year. Register and learn more. May classes include:

  • May 13 – Losses in our Lives: End of a Relationship, UMHS
  • May 14 – Stress and Sleep, Kipke Conference Center
  • May 20 – Addressing Compassion Fatigue in High-Loss Environments, UMHS
  • May 27 – Discovering Stress Reduction: Fostering Energy & Creating Coping, Palmer Commons
  • May 28 – Forgiveness Gratitude and Caring for Well-Being, Flint Campus
  • Every Wednesday, through May 27 – Relaxing Under the Stars, U-M’s Natural History Museum Planetarium
  • Second Thursday of every month – Drop in Caregivers Support Group, Michigan Union

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