Essential tremor and how deep brain stimulation restores quality of life

May 7, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Elizabeth Scheffler’s essential tremor has been treated successfully with deep brain stimulation surgery.

The tremor was bilateral (in both hands). I also had a head and voice tremor. It was most embarrassing because I couldn’t control it. Strangers remarked on it frequently and TSA at the airport was quite insistent that I needed a wheelchair. This led me to withdraw and limit social contacts.

It was not possible to carry a cup of coffee without spilling, eat a sandwich without shaking it apart or feed my then-infant grandson. Eventually, it became very difficult to cope with any daily tasks such as cooking (try flipping a pancake), buttoning clothes or putting on earrings or make-up. It was especially frustrating in this age of high-tech electronics with computers and cell phones. I had to give up most of the things I enjoyed like pottery, calligraphy and photography.

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