How does your department or unit advance community health?

April 6, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Announcements

Use the Community Benefit reporting form to submit your activities

The U-M Health System provides excellent care to patients each and every day. But you may not know that departments across the organization also have a long history of spending time and resources on programs and services that improve community health for everyone, including those who are not patients.

Categorized as “Community Benefit,” these activities are meant to increase access to care and improve community health. Often they focus on the poor, uninsured and underinsured. They exemplify the UMHS commitment to community health and also serve to maintain its non-profit tax-exempt status.

Fiscal Year 2014 Community Benefit reporting is here:
Every year, departments tell their Community Benefit stories using the downloadable Community Benefit reporting form. It’s now time for departments to report their activities held during fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014).

Now through June 20, 2015, use the reporting form and email it to Keven Mosley-Koehler, coordinator of Community Benefit and Community Health Assessment for the Office of Community Benefit, at This year we are launching a revised reporting form. Please do not use the old form any longer.

Your submissions help populate an annual, health system-wide Community Benefit report for the Michigan Health and Hospital Association Community Benefit survey. The survey describes hospital community-focused efforts across Michigan and provides an opportunity for UMHS to assess its investment in advancing community health.

“Through dedicated services and the provision of UMHS resources, our faculty, staff and medical students truly make the Michigan Difference,” says Tony Denton, acting chief executive officer and chief operating officer, UMHHC. “When departments report their activities, we are able to demonstrate how our organization improves community health and well-being.”

What’s reportable?
Reportable activities are offered to the community at large, for free or at a low cost, and include many topics and approaches. Click here to see some examples.

Need more details?
To learn more about Community Benefit reporting or to receive a list of reports your department submitted in the past, contact Keven Mosley-Koehler, coordinator of UMHS Community Benefit and Community Health Assessment, at, visit the Community Benefit website, or call 734-998-2162.