Gavin’s story: New life after epilepsy surgery

April 20, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

On Mother’s Day 2010, my son Gavin had his first seizure. That was just before his fourth birthday. Up until that point, Gavin was a healthy young boy. At the hospital that Mother’s Day, Gavin was diagnosed with epilepsy and a brain tumor. For the next three years, Gavin suffered from multiple seizures even though he was on five medications and a special diet. He had seizures most every night and sometimes during the day. We couldn’t leave him alone and had to limit our activities because we never knew when he’d have a seizure.

We had tests done to see if brain surgery to remove his tumor and stop the seizures was an option. We spent a year having Gavin tested and he weathered multiple hospitalizations.

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