Faculty, staff encouraged to submit ideas for Fostering Innovation Grants

April 1, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Announcements,

Fostering Innovation Grants (FIGs) is now accepting applications for innovative ideas. Apply for FIGs funding by April 29 to help get your health system project started.

FIGs has awarded more than $1.7M since 2005 to help teams pilot their projects and implement new ideas. Here is just one example of how FIGs helped launch and sustain a UMHS initiative:

Doug Rakoski, an occupational therapist at University Hospital, has received four FIGs grants to help purchase interactive technology for patients in clinical therapy. Through FIGs, Rakoski and his team outfitted his rehabilitation lab with everything from low-end toys to virtual reality simulations.

“While many other facilities use technology to treat patients in rehab, they use it in a more limited way,” says Rakoski. “Our team used grant funding to develop modified and tailored versions of current technology, allowing patients to improve their vision, motor and cognitive skills.”

“Whether patients like fishing, quilting, gardening or videogames, we can help,” says Rakoski. “When they are doing something they’re engaged in, they’re working harder and longer than they will do with regular exercises.”

Rakoski says the FIGs application process was simple and straightforward, and that additional grants have helped his team purchase equipment for mobile carts that travel all over the hospital to provide therapy in patient rooms.

“In comparison to other grants, the FIGs application was easy and the turnaround was only 30 days. We didn’t have a strict time limit on spending which allowed us to customize our purchases and complete something totally new.”

Visit the FIGs page and apply before April 29. Check out the FIGs Resources page for ideas and tips on how to submit your innovative ideas. While you’re there, visit the FIGs Awarded Projects page for information on past awardees. If you are a past awardee, see the Awardees page for helpful suggestions to keep your project going and learn how the FIGs team can provide support.

Website: https://www.umms.med.umich.edu/figs/figs_start.htm