UMHHC power shutdown March 29

March 10, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Announcements, Strategy & Leadership, Updates & Resources

An electrical power shutdown is scheduled March 29 from midnight to 4 a.m. at the University Hospital, Cancer Center, Taubman Center and University Hospital South (old Mott/MCHC). All normal power will be shut down during this time. All essential systems for safe patient care will receive emergency power via our generators.

This four-hour shutdown will allow for inspection and scheduled maintenance of the DTE electrical service equipment supporting power to our facilities including life safety devices. This work cannot be performed while the buildings are on normal power.

Walk-throughs of every area with unit/department management will be conducted to verify items that will receive power during the event. Additionally, a pre-outage checklist will be prepared for each area.

Impacted services:

  • Parking Decks P1 and P2 will not have lights or elevator service. Gates will be left up to allow vehicle traffic in and out.
  • Corridor lights
  • Office lights
  • Public restroom lights
  • Non-red power outlets
  • Some communication closet IT systems (UH Floors B2-3 are impacted. ED and OR will still be operational.)
  • Radiology systems
  • Service elevators
  • Sterilizers
  • Some P-Tube stations (Taubman Clinics, Cancer Center, CW to UH link are impacted. CW internal not affected)
  • Some Pathology analyzers
  • Freezers
  • Temp Trak reporting

What will still be powered?
The Frankel Cardiovascular Center, C.S. Mott Children’s & Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital, Med Inn Building, North Ingalls Building, and all Medical School Buildings will not be impacted by this shutdown. Generators at UH, UH South and CVC will be running throughout the shutdown to provide power to:

  • Parking Decks P3, P4 and P5
  • All red outlets
  • Medical air systems
  • Medical vacuum systems
  • Medical gas alarm panels
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler systems
  • Twenty percent of corridor lights
  • One elevator/bank for all staff/visitors
  • All hot and cold domestic water pumps and all heating system pumps
  • Isolation room exhaust
  • Patient room lights
  • Process chilled water
  • Courtyard lighting
  • Exterior lighting on E. Medical Center Drive
  • Surface parking lots
  • Some communication closet IT systems. (UH ED, OR and inpatient floors 4-9)

Planning: Two taskforces have been meeting weekly to address facilities and operational planning needs.

  • Electrical Taskforce (ETF) – Led by Joe Stchur, director of facility operations for UMMHC, this group is focusing on the electrical loads, coordination with DTE, what will be powered/not powered during outage, and all facilities work related to outage.
  • Operational Taskforce (OTF) – Led by Mary Martin, associate hospital director, and Kristie Barazsu, senior project manager, this group is focusing on patient flow (ED, OR, PT transfers -external and IP), unit planning during the outage, communication plans, incident command center logistics, etc.
  • Post-outage debrief: The OTF plans to debrief after the outage to capture lessons learned and update the operational planning documents for future planned outages.

For questions or concerns, please contact 6-5054.