Take the Employee Engagement Survey and Be the Change with Your Input

March 9, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Announcements

A message from Joseph E. Fournier, Chief Human Resources Officer, UMHS

What innovative ideas do you have to be more engaged in your work? What thoughts do you have to empower your team to become better?  How could your manager lead more effectively?

UMHS leaders need your honest and valuable feedback to collaboratively make positive change. Your opinions and suggestions help make our institution better not only for patients and visitors, but for you and your colleagues.

Take our Employee Engagement Survey any time from March 9 – March 27 to share your unique voice. 

Each year, survey responses do lead to improvements throughout our health system.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Team building exercises were implemented on the 4C Nursing unit leading to increased efficiencies.
  • Peer-nominated awards, daily huddles and a staff communications groups were created on the Trauma Burn Intensive Care Unit (TBICU) resulting in enhanced teamwork.
  • External consultants worked with managers to improve leadership communication and effectiveness in the Department of Human Resources.

These changes were made possible because of employees’ valuable survey input.  Your voice matters.

2015 Employee Engagement Survey Details:

Our survey can be accessed here from a computer on the UMHS network or mobile device with AirWatch and VPN access. To take the survey, you will need your:

  1. Work Area Code: Your supervisor will tell you the code to use so your responses are linked to your unit. See a complete list of codes here.
  2. Password: The 10-digit password consists of your 8-digit Employee ID number, plus your two-digit date of birth. (For example, if you were born on June 4 and your employee ID number is 12345678, your password will be 1234567804.) By requiring a survey password, we are ensuring that only eligible UMHS employees can take the survey.

Who takes the survey?
Hospitals, Health Centers and Medical School staff who began working at UMHS before Feb. 16, 2015 should take the survey. Dual-appointment employees will be able to take the survey as long as one of their appointments is at UMHS. Any temporary employee will also be able to complete the survey. Volunteers and individuals who are working temporarily through a vendor (e.g. Manpower) are not eligible to complete the survey. Faculty and House Officers take a different survey at a different time.

More information is available on the Employee Engagement website and the Frequently Asked Questions page. You may also contact your supervisor or your area’s Survey Ambassador who can help provide information about the survey.

Share your thoughts and inspire positive change to have every employee engaged every day.


Joseph E. Fournier
Chief Human Resources Officer, UMHS