Last week to complete your health questionnaire and earn $50

March 9, 2015  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The MHealthy Rewards health questionnaire closes Friday, March 13. Benefits-eligible faculty or staff who complete the 10-minute confidential questionnaire will:

  • Receive an instant, personalized health report with recommendations
  • Earn a $50 reward
  • Have an opportunity to earn $50 more if they complete one qualifying healthy activity by June 26. Qualifying activities include:
    • Physical activity programs
    • Stress management programs
    • Weight Watchers®
    • MHealthy’s Ready to Lose
    • Nutrition consults
    • Personalized exercise sessions
    • MHealthy exercise and relaxation classes
    • Alcohol management programs
    • Online educational programs

StayWell Health Management®, a national provider of health improvement services, is again administering the confidential health questionnaire. The personalized health report includes useful information and resources to help minimize or prevent future health problems. You can then develop an action plan to achieve your personal health goals. Participants who have completed the questionnaire in the past will also be able to compare their health results from year-to-year.

To get started on MHealthy Rewards, go to