Last chance to “Be the Change” with your Employee Engagement Survey responses

Next week is your last opportunity to take our 2015 Employee Engagement Survey and contribute to positive change in your work area and our overall health system. Our survey is open through Friday, March 27. 

Your honest and confidential responses can and do lead to improvements benefitting you, your co-workers and our patients and their families.

This June, managers will begin receiving your Employee Engagement Survey results and will be sharing these results with you and your team members this summer. Action improvement plans for all work areas will be completed by managers, in collaboration with their teams, by September. Click here to see the overall survey timeline, and how you and your team members can be empowered employees engaged every day.

To take the survey, you will need your:

1. Work Area Code: Your supervisor will tell you the code to use so your responses are linked to your unit. See a complete list of codes here.

2. Password: The 10-digit password consists of your 8-digit Employee ID number, plus your two-digit date of birth. (For example, if you were born on June 4 and your employee ID number is 12345678, your password will be 1234567804.)  By requiring a survey password, we are ensuring that only eligible UMHS employees can take the survey.

Who takes the survey?
Hospitals, Health Centers and Medical School staff who began working at UMHS before Feb.16, 2015 should take the survey. Dual-appointment employees will be able to take the survey as long as one of their appointments is at UMHS. Any temporary employee will also be able to complete the survey. Volunteers and individuals who are working temporarily through a vendor (e.g. Manpower) are not eligible to complete the survey. Faculty and House Officers take a different survey at a different time.

Are my survey results confidential?
Your responses are handled by a third party vendor and are absolutely secure and confidential. No one at UMHS has access to data that can identify specific individuals.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more info.

Seize this last and lasting opportunity to share your thoughts and inspire positive change in our health system by participating in our 2015 Employee Engagement Survey today. Be the change!